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Geotechnics Missions

We will listen to you to analyze and understand your needs in order to offer you the most suitable geotechnical missions at each step of your project.

Mission G1 - Preliminary geotechnical studies

Mission G1 ES – Site Studies

Carried out upstream of a preliminary study, a sketch study or a preliminary preliminary project, it makes it possible to define the preliminary geological model of the site as well as the recommendations with a view to setting up a work not yet defined and to make the first identification of the geological risks of a site through a documentary survey.

Mission G1 PGC – General Construction Principles

Carried out at the stage of a preliminary study, a sketch study or a preliminary draft project, it makes it possible to define the general principles of construction which can be envisaged for the project. It is based on the definition, implementation and / or monitoring of a geotechnical investigation program.

Mission G2 - Geotechnical design study

Mission G2 AVP - In Pre-Project Phase
Carried out at the pre-project stage, it studies the possible construction and adaptation principles of the project on the ground and provides the dimensional outline of a standard profile for each geotechnical structure. It is based on the definition, implementation and / or monitoring of a geotechnical investigation program. It allows a first approach to quantities.

Mission G2 PRO - In Project Phase

Carried out at the project stage, it provides an updated summary of the site, the execution methods for geotechnical structures and the associated threshold values, as well as the optimized design calculation notes for all geotechnical structures and for all construction phases. It allows an approach of the quantities / deadlines / costs of execution of these works. If necessary, additional investigations are carried out.

G2 DCE / ACT Mission - In DCE / ACT Phase

It consists of the establishment of the documents necessary for consulting companies for the execution of geotechnical works and in assisting the client for the selection of companies and for the technical analysis of offers.

Mission G3 - Study and geotechnical execution monitoring

Normally the responsibility of the company, it makes it possible to reduce the residual geotechnical risks by the timely implementation of corrective adaptation or optimization measures.

  • In the Study phase

It consists in studying in detail the geotechnical works: hypotheses, definition and sizing, methods and conditions of execution. If necessary, additional investigations can be carried out.

  • In follow-up phase

It consists in monitoring the execution of geotechnical works, verifying the data and participating in the establishment of the end-of-work file and maintenance recommendations for geotechnical works.

Mission G4 - Geotechnical execution supervision

Normally the responsibility of the project manager or his representative, it allows verification of compliance with the objectives of the project, the study and the geotechnical execution monitoring.

In the Supervision phase of the execution study

It consists of opinions on the geotechnical execution study, on the potential adaptations of the geotechnical works proposed by the company, on the monitoring program and the associated threshold values.

In the Supervision phase of execution monitoring

It consists of opinions, following specific interventions on site, on the geotechnical context, on the observed behavior of the structure and its neighbors and on the adaptation or optimization of the geotechnical structure.

Mission G5 - Geotechnical diagnosis

During the course of a project or during the life of a structure, this mission consists in the context of a specific mission to study one or more geotechnical elements within the framework of a diagnosis, but without any implication in d 'other geotechnical elements.
This mission may include after documentary investigation, the definition of a specific investigation program and its implementation.

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