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Labotech is a laboratory specializing in testing construction materials in various sectors. We offer an analysis service with reliable results executed in time with the most competitive costs on the market.

Labotech has the tools and means necessary for carrying out characterization tests on construction materials used in public works.

Concrete and aggregates
Auscultation of concrete structures
Formulation studies
Concrete control for
Verification of mixing formulas
Sampling and laboratory testing
Factory monitoring of prefabricated elements

Granulométric analysis by sieving
Determination of the Atterberg limits (liquidity limit and plasticity limit)
Absorption capacity of soil or rocky material
Determination of density in situ: membrane densitometer; sand cone
Determination of compaction references: proctor tests; modified proctor tests

Bitumen Binder
Bitumen Binder is ​​a surfacing material widely used in road construction. It consists essentially of a mixture of hydraulic binder and aggregates. The manufacturing and compaction methods require rigorous and quality controls. Labotech offers:
Formulation studies
Verification of mixtures
Bitumen content tests
Marshall tests
Duriez tests

concrete and aggregate in senegal in the soil study
study of soil-labotech senegal
bituminous mixes
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