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Geotechnical Engineer

geotechnical laboratory in BTP
geotechnical tests-Labotech
geotechnical engineer at sindia



The stability of a structure (buildings, roads, bridges, dams, etc.), "rests" largely on the integrity of its foundations.

Labotech is able to determine the mechanical, physical and hydraulic characteristics of the different soils or rocks encountered on the site that will house a future project.

The results of our various studies will allow design offices, or other designers to make a correlation between soil constraints and expected loads.
Labotech assists you from the design to the realization of your geotechnical works:

  1. Preliminary geotechnical studies: Mission G1

  2. Geotechnical design studies: Mission G2

  3. Execution geotechnical studies: Mission G3

  4. Geotechnical supervision studies: Mission G4

  5. Geotechnical diagnostic studies: Mission G5

We mainly operate in the following sectors:

  • Roads

  • Buildings

  • Masterpieces

  • Civil engineering

  • Mining prospecting

  • Etc

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