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Other Services

Control and supervision of road works

The tasks to be performed:

  • Supervising and controlling the installation of all sites;

  • Supervision and control of the supply of works execution equipment;

  • Supervision and control of the implementation of site management personnel;

  • Supervision and control of the supply and storage of site materials;

  • Supervision, monitoring and control of all the work planned under the contracts;

  • Quality control of the materials used and their implementation;

  • Supervision, monitoring and control of all required tests, in particular composition tests,

  • Supervision, monitoring and control of the implementation of structures;

  • Monitoring and control of earthworks;

  • The execution of Proctor tests by borrow site and the control of densities;

  • Monitoring and control of the execution of sanitation and drainage works;

  • Monitoring the implementation of the different road layers;

  • Control of the provenance, storage and use of materials which must meet the technical requirements stipulated in the works contracts;

  • Supervision or if necessary, carrying out the tests necessary to ensure the quality of the work and the implementation of the materials.

  • Keeping and making available the site log, meeting minutes to the various actors involved;

  • Control of the company's takeover of environmental aspects;

  • Assistance of the Contracting Authority to partial, provisional and possibly final receptions

  • The provision of monthly and final reports of the various sites;

  • The provision of all the re-bonding plans carried out by the companies, checked and approved by the monitoring mission.
    Proof of the execution of these activities will be provided by daily or periodic results sheets, reports and reports.


We specifically perform the following tasks:

  • Ensure compliance with technical prescriptions;

  • Ensure the quality of the works;

  • Assistance in the general coordination of each operation and in particular the provision of the sites of the various sites;

  • Monitoring of the deadlines for making sites and works available;

  • Estimation of the financial and contractual impact of modifications to the works requested by the contracting authority;

  • Assistance in all matters concerning relations with public and private institutions, in particular local authorities, residents and network concessionaires;

  • Drafting of periodic reports (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, annual);


(a) Before starting work

  • The preparation of technical documents in the consultation file;

  • Verification of all technical, administrative and financial documents preliminary to the start of work and;

  • Supervision and validation of the implementation project (control of borrow areas, verification of updated project quantities, etc.).


(b) During construction site

  • Monitor and control the execution of the work;

  • Control the quality and processing of materials;

  • Make recommendations for good completion of the work.

(c) At the end of the work :

Assist in the organization of the provisional and final acceptance of the works and in general, inform, assist, help the client to exercise his role, assume his commitments, take any decision necessary and useful for good conduct and at the end of the project.

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